Jamorn Sriwasansak (จามร ศรีวสันต์ศักดิ์)

I am a Ray Tracing engineer at NVIDIA.

In the past, I worked at Polyphony Digital, Inc. (PDI) as a graphics engineer for Gran Turismo 7. At PDI, I implemented real-time rendering techniques and made sure that they are fast. Before that, I was a graduate student working on light transport algorithms under the supervision of Prof. Hachisuka. My background is light transport simulation and tackling problems using C++ and shaders.

You can download my resume here

[email protected] (If I don't answer your email, feel free to spam my inbox twice a day.)


Efficient Energy-Compensated VPLs using Photon Splatting (Presented at i3D 2018)

Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques 1.1 (2018), p. 16

Personal Projects


- A physically-based renderer with an agnostic backend (supports both DirectX12 and Vulkan).
- With the help of ray tracing API, it features recent techniques such as a screen space bluenoise distribution [Heitz et al. 2019] and Spatio-temporal reservior resampling [Bitterli et al. 2020].
- It also includes a Path Tracer NEE with a standard GGX microfacet material for computing a reference.

WurstRenderer (2019)

- A C++ rendering framework that focuses on experimentability and readability.
- For instance, the length of the bidirectional path tracer code is only 430 lines long (including comments, debug code, a lot of blank lines).
- All integrators (3d) are compared against reference generated from Mitsuba.

A Unified Particle Physics Engine (2018)

- A CUDA and OpenGL implementation(from scratch) based on unified particle physics~[Macklin et al. 2014].
- It supports rigid bodies, ropes, clothes, fluid (with tension + viscosity) and deformable bodies.
- It also includes fast hash grid for particle searches.

Pic2Verilog (2014)

- The application automatically generates verilog codes from handdrawn design.
- While the application is based on OpenCV framework, all core algorithms are implemented from scratch.

Buddy Fighter (2015)

- A nonsense game created @GlobalGameJam with the mechanism of QWOP + street fighter.
- We called it buddy fighters because you need at least 2 players to control 1 character. (1 key = 1 joint movement)
- Disclaimer: The game is very silly but all of my friends love it so I decided to keep it here as a memento.

Zego (2013)

- My first ever computer graphics application.
- Build the creation of your own choices with bricks and render the final image.
- In this project, OpenGL brick editor and PovRay plugin are implemented.
- We called it Zego to avoid any legal issues.

Commercial Projects

Smile Viewer (2020)

- A WebGL viewer and editor for dental applications.
- The final product is used by DigiPro Smile Co., Ltd. (you might need an account.)

Lumio Scanned Mesh Viewer (2016)

- Photorealistic PBR renderer with very cheap computational budget for WebGL on mobile phone.
- It even runs on Ipad 2nd Gen at an acceptable framerate (~15-30 fps).
- It supports mesh streaming, PCF shadow, depth peeling transparency, SSAO, and DOF.
- The final product was used by Lumio3D.


Misc: Index of My SourceCode

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