Jamorn Sriwasansak (จามร ศรีวสันต์ศักดิ์)

I am a graduate student under the supervision of Professor Toshiya Hachisuka @Computer Graphics Group, Department of Creative Informatics, The University of Tokyo. My research goal is to improve light transport algorithms which are the core of real-time and offline rendering techniques.

You can download my resume here



Efficient Energy-Compensated VPLs using Photon Splatting

ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 2018 (i3D 2018)

Fun Projects


A physically-based renderer implemented with Vulkan. Its pathtracer and ambient occlusion integrators utilize recently released Vulkan raytracing API.

Brasstower - a Physics Engine

A CUDA and OpenGL implementation(from scratch) based on unified particle physics~[Macklin et al. 2014]. It supports rigid bodies, ropes, clothes, fluid and deformable bodies.

J23 - a Photorealistic WebGL viewer

Photorealistic PBR renderer with very cheap computational budget on WebGL. It supports PCF shadow, depth peeling OIT, SSAO, and DOF. The final product was used by Lumio3D.


The application automatically generate verilog codes from handdrawn design. While the application is based on OpenCV framework, all core algorithms are implemented from scratch.

Buddy Fighter

A nonsense game created @GlobalGameJam with the mechanism of QWOP + street fighter. We called it buddy fighters because you need at least 2 players to control 1 character. (1 key = 1 joint movement) Disclaimer: The game is very silly but all of my friends love it so I decided to keep it here as a memento.


Build the creation of your own choices with bricks and render the final image. In this project, we implemented OpenGL brick editor and PovRay plugin so we can render any arbitarily block structure. We called it Zego to avoid any legal issues. This is my first ever Computer Graphics application.

Robust THAW

The project's objective is to replicate THAW. Unlike original, ours can be used with cheap cameras and cheap displays. The project was implemented as Unity3D plugin.