I am Jamorn Sriwasansak (จามร ศรีวสันต์ศักดิ์).

I am a Master's student under supervision of Professor Toshiya Hachisuka @Computer Graphics Group, Department of Creative Informatics, The University of Tokyo.

My goal is to close the gap between real-time rendering techniques and offline rendering techniques. My research interests include light transport simulation and real-time global illumination.

You can download my resume here



    Efficient Energy-Compensated VPLs using Photon Splatting

  • Jamorn Sriwasansak, Adrien Gruson, Toshiya Hachisuka
  • We formulate this energy compensation process using multiple importance sampling to optimally combine rendering with VPLs and photon splatting. Our algorithm can be efficiently implemented on GPUs since rendering with VPLs and photon splatting are both suitable for GPUs.
  • (More information coming soon)
  • more detail(coming soon)

Fun Projects

Reflectcuts - My rendering framework

  • Jamorn Sriwasansak
  • Private framework that I previously use for doing research which contains several rendering methods both offline and interactive.
  • more detail(coming soon)

J23 - Photorealistic WebGL viewer

  • Jamorn Sriwasansak
  • Photorealistic PBR renderer with very cheap computational budget on WebGL.
  • PCF shadow, depth peeling OIT, SSAO, and DOF are implemented.
  • The final product is used by Lumio3D


  • Jamorn Sriwasansak
  • The application automatically generate verilog codes from handdrawn design
  • All key algorithms are implemented from the scratch.
  • github

Buddy Fighter

  • Jamorn Sriwasansak, Trust Rukkunnatham, Auttharat Na Bangchang
  • A nonsense game created @GlobalGameJam with the mechanism of QWOP + street fighter.
  • Created with Unity3D.
  • more detail youtube


  • Jamorn Sriwasansak, Wichayut Eaksarayut, Ariyawat Chonbodeechalermroong
  • Build the creation of your own choices with bricks and render the final image.
  • youtube

Blank and Block playground

  • Jamorn Sriwasansak, Pakawin Mansukmanee
  • The project's objective is to replicate THAW.
  • Unlike original, ours can be used with cheap cameras and displays.
  • Created with Unity3D.
  • youtube